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    Wave Swinger

    Certainly looks good, and fits nicely with the Adventure cove theme too. A nice addition to the park
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    Dino Trail

    Wild and natural are one thing, looking like an disused industrial brownfield site is another. It looks full of weeds and this is disappointing to see. Dino Trail is a nice little walkthrough, with some cool models (some of which date back to the 1970s) but it is essentially a very simplistic...
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    In-Park Catering

    That's true, but perhaps that's a reason to reduce prices and expand their offering if anything.
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    Drayton Manor History Book

    Last time I looked they were still around in the gift shop
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    Pirate Cove

    That's a good idea. It would be great for Drayton to start having bigger themed areas and Pirate Cove is probably the best opportunity for this
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    River Rapids

    They certainly haven't been mucking about, which is a start. One thing we can say is that Drayton are doing more now than they have done in the past 10 years in the actual park outside Thomas Land. It's great to be able to say that.
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    Agreed. Apocalypse is central to Drayton Manor's image (as terrifying as it is!). It's been an icon at the park for a long time now and is one of the few things you can see from outside the actual theme park. It would be a tragedy for it to go. I would hope that it got cloned and replaced if...
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    Safari Pizza and Pasta 2021

    The elephants from Jungle Cruise were the elephants placed outside by the zoo entrance, which were removed around the time Meerkat Manor opened (I think?) when the park and zoo had a big rebrand. The one inside was added in 2002 specifically for the restaurant when Rainforest Pizza first opened...
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    Pirate Adventure

    Probably the best 90s video of Drayton Manor I've seen so far. Great find!
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    What parks would you compare to Drayton Manor around the world?

    I agree; Bellewaerde is definitely similar in both scale and style to Drayton. Bobbejaanland is a similar kind of park too. They all began in the mid 20th century and slowly evolved in to the larger parks they are today.
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    Victorian Funfair Area Idea

    I can't see Drayton doing something as ambitious as that. Mainly because the ideas you suggest would also require a wider masterplan, landscaping, and lots of work on converting buildings and adding new theming and props. If the last 4 years are anything to go by (unfortunate issues put aside...
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    Coronavirus and Theme Parks

    It may appear as an interesting article on the surface, but when you look at it it's basically just a bundle of facts nicked from the George and Vera history book. Worst of all they credit Drayton with G force ?‍♂️ Regardless, the pictures do tell a lot. Drayton have got a tough few months...
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    Stormforce 10

    So many effects from the original 1999 installation that no longer work, and have not been seen to in well over 10-15 years. How disappointing. Stormforce 10 has such brilliant potential, because if it has that bit more, I think people will see it for more of an experience driven ride than...
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    Stormforce 10

    Hi there, just a reminder to keep the discussion to all things related to Stormforce 10 within this thread! Thanks! So that you can discuss things like Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, theme parks, and stuff outside of theme parks (films, hobbies, whatever), be rest assured that we are...
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    Drayton at 70

    Unfortunately you'd forget Drayton even had a past if it wasn't for the surviving attractions from its 'golden years' still standing (subjective I guess so I'll add that this is my opinion). The park has unfortunately become a true shadow of its former self and I definitely agree that these...