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    River Rapids

    Disgusting. Why people do this is beyond me. I really hope the park stay on top of the effects and paintwork for this ride, if they keep them running and looking good, there will never be the need for major repaints and overhauls. I'd hate to see the park operate like other Theme Parks where...
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    Stand-Up Floorless (Chute 5) was back in operation on my visit today.
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    The Haunting

    I rode The Haunting today, and there seem to have been some improvements since I last rode in July 2021, and potentially since the above review. The Pre-Show in the Trailer was unchanged, still Dr Ghostman but would love to see something done with this to make the video a little more impactful...
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    Zoo Experiences

    I've seen that there is now a Meerkat Experience on the Drayton Manor Website, at the moment is it unavailable due to Covid-19 Restrictions, but I hope to do this once they are available to book again.
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    Coronavirus and Theme Parks

    With the announcement of schools being unable to open until at earliest 8th March, I wonder how this impacts when Leisure Attractions such as Drayton Manor can reopen. Can't wait to get back to the park.
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    Most missed ride?

    Such a great ride that I remember so fondly. What restraints did Sombrero use, and where did it go?
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    Excalibur: A Dragon's Tale

    I think Looping are the right people to do it, Drayton Manor has so much potential and I'm sure they see this. I'm sure I read somewhere that Drayton Manor would be their flagship park, which is a great sign as their other parks in Europe look to be of amazing quality. They also seem to turn...
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    Drunken Barrels Queue Line

    Last time I rode Drunken Barrels, last season, the music was playing although the sound of the ride drowns this out depending on the volume, it seems to vary by day. I do wish they'd give the interior of the ride a clean, you can see that there is a lot of dust above the barrels, and the...
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    The Haunting

    I'd really like to see the park make a conscious effort to re-open The Haunting this season, not having it open last year was a big loss to me, but I totally understand why it wasn't possible. I feel they could do this by taking four "bubbles" at a time, maybe six depending on bubble size. Have...
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    Just saw this in the BirminghamLive Article linked in the Coronavirus Thread. I noticed the rocket has gone from the top of Accelerator, I wonder why...
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    Zoo Shop?

    Would anybody else be interested in seeing a Zoo Shop? Other Zoos have shops such as Twycross, Dudley, Chester Zoos and West Midlands Safari Park have shops which I imagine are hugely profitable, given the prices of items there. Some postcards with pictures of the animals, professional framed...
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    I'm wondering if the financial impact of the Covid-19 closure will have put the Penguin and Lemur House developments at bay until another season. It'd be a shame if this was the case as they could really rejuvenate the zoo (only thing left to be changed would be Red Panda, Fishing Cat and Lynx...
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    I think the removal of G Force gives the former Action Park so much potential, there is actually space for a cohesive theme now, and with the existing rides this could be made into a great, fun for the whole family, area. I hope they realise the potential and replace this with something themed...
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    Old Photos From The 2000s

    These are great images! I've really enjoyed checking them out. I didn't think I'd ever see the original vicar from the Haunting again, but it's great to see it out and about. I wonder where it is now?
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    4D Cinema

    I hope not permanently! It's a good, seemingly well looked after ride, which I think does quite well at the park, especially over Magical Christmas. I feel like a new IP or showing one of the original films breathes life into the ride each time and allows it to be marketed as new.