Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Will be staycating in the north west and was looking for activities with the little lad.
We have been spoilt having DMP close by so have been able to take advantage of attending when queues are going to be very short. This has however rather given us an erroneous impression of what theme park conditions can be like - especially during the summer holidays at the seaside when foreign travel is off the menu for so many who would normally choose it!!

So on looking on the website there are not one but two "speedy pass" options. Having not been to BPB for longer than I can remember is there anyone who can advise as to whether these are widely used and what is the impact on those that don't have them? The cost is a lot, and it does stick in the craw somewhat and there is the impact on other patrons, but it is a one off. But I don't want to pay for something which isn't required.

Any insights with those of practical experience would be great.


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We went Late Night Riding a few weeks back and we’re fine without the Speedy Pass, I suppose it just depends how busy it is. As Andy out though, it appears recently from others that on busy days they are overselling the speedy pass, meaning trains are half full with normal and speedy queue, obviously increasing wait times