Sheriff's Showdown

I just noticed, the new look of the Facade looks a bit similar to how the ride was originally planned before the Golden Nuggets sponsor was added.

Source: Space Leisures website
Random question but when your lining up to ride the ride what's under the line as there's gaps and a huge drop with what looks to be a table under there
We loved it. The only let down for us now is the water wheel below. It needs a good clean by removing the rubbish that is littered below. Some plexiglass just under the current flooring would be ideal because you would see through it and be able to look down but it would prevent people putting there rubbish through the holes.
Think I had a dodgy gun today, I only got 5500! This score somehow (incredibly) beat my 5 year old sister, which I’m sure we can all agree is an amazing achievement :ROFLMAO:
There is one gun in the front of one of the carts that plays the proper gun sound effect and gives points every time the trigger is pulled!
Mine made a gun sound effect but I can tell you for sure it didn't give me points every time the trigger was pulled!