Future of the Zoo

Yes, we go for just the zoo. During high season we would visit for the zoo and take in a couple of rides if the queues allowed for it. It's a very pleasant walk and you get a lot from seeing the different behaviours on multiple visits. But then we are lucky and able to get a big ride "hit" at the end of days after school.

In the winter too the zoo only days provide a link to the park and add significant value to the value of the annual pass.

Don't understimate the value of the zoo to suck up large numbers of guests keeping queues down elsewhere, similarly it really adds something for the family audience, grandparents I reckon find much more attraction in the zoo than most of the ride offerings.

But yes, the Tiger was a big attraction. But again there is a big space that could be transformed into a walk through area as was mentioned previously.
I think it is very sad, but it does leave a big hole in the zoo as it is a big space. Hopefully they will do something here, even if just a memoriam for Dora. I think a small aquarium would be popular. The more field area of the zoo seems so sparce these days that I think if it was confined to just the part leading from the safari restaurant and then repurposed to an alternative offering. I think I would have a raise a question on a themed land for rides given the proximity to Dama and Reindeer road. Perhaps another attraction like legolands minilands, or attractions that are not likely to generate screams such as the dinosaur walkthrough which we already have. Conkers have a walkthrough dedicated to christmas which only opens at christmas and this area could be a prime area for christmas. I suspect it is outside of the permitted development area for rides and planning permission may be required. Hopefully they will also find a use for the old garden centre as a restaurant or something also as this was part of the zoo area 30 years ago.
The looping group really need to decide if they want to invest in the zoo as the enclosures that were installed in the 90’s need some TLC
I was there on Friday, a large tree branch landed on it to cause this damage, I hope the fishing cat didn't escape. I saw staff clearing the debris away
The cat is okay I believe :)

It was like that when I visited on the 28th too