Drayton Talk: New video series!


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New for 2024!

Drayton Talk have started work on an all new series called "Ride Information"
This series is going to be a collection of short videos which explain a little about the rides in the park and some of the key questions
(E.g Height restrictions / Who is this suitable for / Will I get wet on stormforce 10 and other things)

We have launched the first video today - I decided on the charming Sleipnir.
The next video I already have recorded is for Jormungangr which will probably release in the coming weeks.

I will then need to go and record a few more as I didn't want to do too many in one go.

Let us know what you think :)

Sleipnir Ride Information:
I was planning on doing this.

I still might actually, the focus of ours was going to be from a parent and child perspective.

Well done on the presentation, you have a nice easy tone and are very accessible and personable. The editting is also far better than anything I would engage with.
Thank you :)
I do not have a child - so what I aim for is a friendly "all round" approach with these. (Im as short as a child which I guess helps haha)

My editing is far from perfect, but its something I think will develop as the videos go on.
Recording in the public areas is also quite a task (As you'll see in episode 2, I had to put an extra cut in because of a really loud voice cutting over me on one of the video takes ^^ Joys of working outdoors)