New Rollercoaster for 2024

The coaster gonna go all round that former toilet building.

More track supports have arrived
With the rate of construction I suspect that over the closed season, we will go back to the park in February half term and there will be a rollercoaster just there as if like magic :ROFLMAO:
management did say to me back in May that ground work and footers would go in at the end of summer but the coaster going vertical after the main season has finished so guests going to the Christmas event will see the coaster get installed.

Testing will be done weather permitting in Jan and up to Feb half term when the theme park is closed to keep it a secret.
I’m curious , what’s the project name for the coaster that’s on the tag ? It’s too blurry when zoomed for me
The Top Box is "SPINNING COASTER COLLUMN - PROJECT 6676" and the Third one down is "Spinning coaster Drayton Manor"
Wonder what coaster we’re gonna get from their catalogue now? The leaked lift and launch model didn’t have spinning cars as an option afaik.
Wonder what coaster we’re gonna get from their catalogue now? The leaked lift and launch model didn’t have spinning cars as an option afaik.
it does :) I watched the video and whilst the video doesn’t if you click the link in the description, it then shows you the option.


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The spinning cars if they can be programmed, goes along with what Victoria was saying. Perhaps they can have them forwards for part of the day, backwards others & spinning at times too. Would explain what she was saying how it would be different ride experience when you ride at different times of the day.

I may be way off with my thoughts but it does make some sense to me at least!
I don't know why but I'm thinking the new coaster will be stand up and use shockwaves old train
Unfortunately that won’t be possible. It’s a family thrill which means stand up will be out of the picture to accommodate a 1.2 height requirement. Another reason being the shockwave trains are reaching the end of their lives beyond beyond salvaged. They’ve been using the old trains as spares and repairs from what’s been gathered.
Could the toilet building be a barn that it goes through, like a farm themed coaster?
Doubt it - I think it will be a toilet block again as that side of the park really could use toilets again. The nearest ones are down by Safari Pizza so quite a walk.